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Subject: Re: namespaces, what they point to, and the ER TC

I am still fairly convinced that such a capability is orthogonal
to entity resolution and that it would be a big mistake to shoehorn
such stuff into the XML ER catalog.

I also do not believe it is in the charter of this TC.

I also think it is a can of worms that would through our important
xmlcat work way off schedule.

It may well make sense for OASIS to tackle this problem, but that
would be another TC and it would use something other than the ER 
xmlcat for a mechanism.


At 20:18 2000 12 30 -0800, Lauren Wood wrote:
>The current discussion in xml-dev is moving in a direction which I 
>would like to see the ER work go, namely having some way of 
>saying not only what the namespace URI (when used as a name) 
>points at in terms of an address URI, but also some way of saying 
>what's at the other end. 
>A proposal from Simon St Laurent[1], based on suggestions from 
>several people, is to use xlink for this with the role attribute saying 
>what is at the other end (schema, DTD, CSS stylesheet, etc). I 
>think this functionality is worth putting in the ER. I have no opinion 
>at this stage as to a suitable syntax, apart from it being XML.
>The entire discussion on xml-dev is somewhat long.
>[1] http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/200012/msg00725.html
>Any comments on this? Am I the only person interested in this 
>functionality in this TC?

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