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entity-resolution message

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Subject: FAQ entry

We need an FAQ for "what is entity resolution" since I'm starting to 
get lots of email asking this question, and answering it in a non-
technical way is tricky enough that I'd appreciate help. Here's my 
first cut at something of an explanation:

Entity resolution is the process that an XML processor goes 
through when it has to find another file* in order to complete 
processing the file it's working on. The file could be labelled by 
name, public identifier, or system identifier. These identifiers can 
be mapped to a real existing file; the mapping is called an entity 
resolution catalog.

* file is used here for simplicity; it could take any number of forms.

Changes, including wholesale ones, are welcome as long as they 
don't get too technical.

BTW, don't forget the phone call on Monday. I'll send out an 
agenda later; suggestions for it are welcome.



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