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Subject: Re: Proposal for XML syntax for catalogs

Hi Norm and Paul;
I am substantially confused by the issues as they are currently stated,
concerning the starting reference point [xml:base] fopr the file reference
in the catalog.
I see what Norm wrote:
>At 18:13 2001 01 08 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote: 
>Following the 8 Jan 2001 decisions, here is a sample of the syntax as I
understand it. 
>> <group override="no" xml:base="absURI"> 
This seems to be a clear statement that the OERTC's result will be that the
xml:base will be an absolute URI.
However, both of you seem to be in agreement that it will *not* be the case
that the xml:base is required to be an absolute URI:
At Tue, 09 Jan 2001 13:28:11 Norman Walsh wrote: (in response to Paul
Grosso's email of Mon, 08 Jan 2001 18:18:19 )
>> I'd also point out that, though Norm's example used a value of "absURI" 
>>for xml:base, the value of xml:base needn't be an absolute URI. 
So the code sample that seems to be unambiguous in requiring an absolute URI
for the xml:base, is by your agreement, only a suggestion that an absoulte
URI be used?
Would we not then be more clear about the state of our requirement if we
were to write the requirement like this:
<!ENTITY % URI  " (absURI? | relURI?) " >
<group override="no" xml:base="%URI;">

...so that the URI can be whatever basic point of reference - xml:base -
that the user's application works best with?

David Leland

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