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Subject: XML Catalog Conformance Test Suite

Is the Technical Committee interested in creating and maintaining an XML
Catalog conformance test suite similar to the OASIS/NIST conformance tests
for XML [1] ?

I believe it would be very useful for several reasons:-
1) Creating a "complete" set of tests is labour intensive and it's difficult
to get full coverage
2) It is likely to create more conformant (and therefore more interoperable)
3) It can act as a (non-normative) clarification for the specification

To help this process along I am happy to donate the regression tests that we
are using at ElCel Technology.  We have structured these tests in a similar
way to the Oasis XML conformance tests so that multiple parties can donate
separate test suites.

The attached zip file contains:-
xmlcatconf.dtd - A DTD describing the test cases
xmlcatconf.xml - A top-level file containing an entity for each test suite
elcel/valid.xml  - A set of test cases that test a selection of valid
catalog resolutions
elcel/*.xml - The catalog entry files.

To save on the number of catalog entry files, we use the same set of catalog
files for multiple tests.  This can make understanding the catalogs a little
tricky, but it does make the number of files more manageable.

We run the tests by reading xmlcatconf.xml with a perl script.  For each
test the perl script calls a simple command-line catalog driver and compares
the output with the expectedUri.  If it matches, then the test passed,
otherwise it failed.  I am happy to supply the perl script (and our driver)
if it would be helpful.

Kind regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xmltest/testsuite.htm

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