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Subject: Re: New draft published

Paul Grosso wrote:

> But in my view, the catalog isn't returning an system id *to the XML processor*,
> it is part of an entity manager.  That entity manager may well be able to handle
> a fragment id or a ?xxx query string or whatever, and the entity manager then
> returns stuff to be parsed to the XML processor which is none the wiser that there
> was a frag id involved at some point.  Specifically, I want to be able to have the
> rhs's be queries into an XML data base, for example.

You are confounding two cases.  A query string (with leading "?") *is*
part of the URI, and is server-side.  A fragment id (with leading "#")
refers to a portion of an entity body, and is inherently client-side.
We (i.e. the Core WG) decided not to burden XML parsers with fragment-id
processing, which might involve XPointers.

Queries into a database would surely involve "?", so they are all right.

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