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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from ER TC 20010716

Present: Lauren, Normand, Paul, John, Tony, Norm

No regrets received.

Minutes from the last meeting accepted.

Issues for today's meeting:
John's proposed amendment
xcatalog issue

Are we finished? 

John's proposed amendment: the motivation for urn:publicid is not 
there; John says there is a justification because of the lack of URN 
No objections to making this amendment. Editor to do this.

xcatalog: PI was not implementable. We ended up doing the 
xcatalog file, which is similar to but not the same as the default 
catalog in TR 9401. Daniel Veillard doesn't like the xcatalog. His 
argument is that it can lead to different user behaviour because the 
xcatalog file may or may not be there. We have considerably 
reduced the functionality, because we say xcatalog is only used if 
there is no default catalog path that has been supplied. 

Is author control a requirement? Or user control of the catalog? The 
URI environment makes author control possible. The author should 
fix the catalog when they change the entity structure; the system 
identifiers are specific to their system, but not to the reader's 
system. We do need some explicit author control. 

Lots of discussion, in which various people's concerns about 
xcatalog surfaced, and the PI solution bubbled back to the surface. 
The catalog PI would have to come before the stylesheet PI for 
stylesheets being able to be resolved through the catalog. In 
general terms, it's an error to put anything that should be resolved 
through the catalog before the catalog PI. No objections to this 
solution. Editor to make the appropriate changes to the spec.

We aren't finished. Editor will put out a new spec today if possible. 
Next meeting: July 30th. If there are issues, please post before the 

Discussion about going for OASIS standard. The committee 
specification needs to be implemented by at least three member 
organizations. We will discuss this more at the next meeting.


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