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Subject: Re: 16 July 2001 Working Draft

There appears to be an error in the supplied Schema; the text


needs to be removed.  Not that I understand this as well as you guys probably do, but I do have a whole bench of Schema validators, and this problem has come up before.  The guys from Extensibility gave me the clue, that while you can import this namespace to get access to "xml:lang" and similar attributes, you cannot declare "xmlns:xml" since namespace prefixes are not allowed to start with "[Xx][Mm][Ll]".

Also, Norm, it would be good if the links in the table of contents were document-relative and not absolute.  I often work with offline copies of HTML files, and it doesn't help to have a table of contents that refers to the Web version rather than the copy I'm actually reading.

Anthony B. Coates
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(2) Leader of XML Architecture & Design - Chief Technology Office
Reuters Plc, London.

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