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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from ER TC 20010730

Present: Norm, Lauren, Normand, Paul, Tony

Paul's issues were editorial and have been included.

Norm raises an issue from Rob Lugt that suggests the PI should have a 
pseudo-attribute to specify the default of the "prefer" attribute. There is an 
existing facility for specifying the default for the prefer setting, and an 
existing mechanism to specify a list of catalog entry files. No-one has ever 
suggested that the prefer setting should be turned on and off between catalog 
entry files on the list, so adding the pseudo-attribute would add complexity and 
we can't think of a good use case to justify it. Therefore, the suggestion to add 
the prefer pseudo-attribute to the PI is not accepted. No objections from those 

This closes the issues list.

Norm will have the final draft out this afternoon.

Lauren will pose the question tomorrow:
"Shall the TC publish the draft of July 30th as a committee specification?"

Email votes to be sent to the chair by Thursday midnight Pacific time.

Assuming the vote is in the affirmative, we want to move towards a standard, which 
means we need three implementations from member companies.

Once the chair is made aware of three implementations (preferably by email to the 
ER comments list), so that the TC could move towards a standard, the chair will 
call a meeting for the Monday following, allowing a period of not less than seven 
days between the email notification of the meeting and the meeting itself.

Once we are at committee specification, the chair will advise the press system at 
OASIS. We want to encourage implementations by OASIS members. The chair should 
come up with a draft for the public announcement and forward to the ER member list 
for comment.



Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
Chair, XML 2001 - Information at www.xmlconference.org

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