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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: 3 implementations

Tony.Coates@reuters.com wrote:

>It seems that there will be 3 implementations of XML Catalogs (Sun, Elcel, W3C), but it is less clear that there will be 3 OASIS implementations.  We could think of encouraging Elcel to join, but the W3C might be a harder sell.  I'm wondering whether we should ask the question as to why the 3 implementations have to come from OASIS members for a specification to be sent to the board for approval.  I guess I'm suspicious that it "sounded like a good idea at the time", but is of little practical value.  What does everyone else think?
The reason is to make sure this thing is of real value to OASIS member 
organizations before making them decide whether it is an OASIS standard. 
Getting that seal of approval isn't meant to be a rubber stamp; member 
companies rightly want to know why it should be approved by OASIS. And 
if you can't get 3 out of more than 200 member companies to bother to 
implement it, how useful is it?



Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
Chair, XML 2001 - Information at www.xmlconference.org

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