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Subject: Re: [entity-resolution] (Fwd) Re: [entity-resolution] Mixing XMLCatalog and TR9401

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/ "Lauren Wood" <lauren@textuality.com> was heard to say:
| On 24 Mar 2003 at 18:26, Paul Grosso wrote:
|> Not necessarily.  When we discussed this, I know Norm and I planned
|> that our implementations (which already handle TR9401 catalogs) would
|> accept either kind of catalog.  However, that is admittedly not something
|> required by any given XML Catalog implementation.  Which is just what
|> I think our wording says:  if an app cannot understand a catalog, it's
|> as if there was no such resource. 
| That makes sense to me. 
| If I understand Daniel's point, he does implement TR 9401 (or at 
| least some of it) and XML Catalogs, but doesn't want to have the 
| latter call the former (doesn't want to have a <nextCatalog> element 
| point to a TR 9401 catalog), i.e. doesn't want to have his 
| implementations mixed. So the case of "doesn't understand" doesn't 
| really apply here AFAICS. (If this bit of logic is faulty, please let 
| me know. I'm only too willing to believe that I've got myself 
| slightly confused).

I think "doesn't understand" applies. One implementation doesn't
understand the other.

| Is this a case we want to discuss in the spec? If so, do we want to 
| specify that implementors that implement both TR 9401 and XML 
| Catalogs must support <nextCatalog> pointing to a TR 9401 catalog? Or 
| do we want to allow them to not support this? 

I've added words to express what I think we should do, which is
require conforming applications to understand XML Catalog entry files
and allow them (but not require them) to understand other formats.

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