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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from ER TC meeting 20030422

Present: Norm, Paul, Lauren, Ardo, Mark, Normand

Issue: about interleaving TR9401 and XCatalogs. If an XCatalog points 
to a TR9401 catalog, the implementation is allowed to understand the 
format (as it is allowed to understand any format it wants), but it 
is not mandated, even if the implementation understands standalone TR 
9401.  We believe the spec reflects this. Lauren to get back to the 
commenter about this.

Issue: is a recommended way to handle external identifiers when 
parsing catalog files themselves? Norm is not sure we can add 
something to help bootstrap. Perhaps we could add a non-normative 
note saying the problem exists and implementors should think about 
it. The spec is currently silent on this point. 

If you attempt to load the catalog and it has a doctype declaration, 
how do you fetch the DTD in the first place? Is there some sense to 
having an implementation try to fetch that? There does not appear to 
be any benefit. You may not need to try to resolve that first doctype 
through the catalog. Users should note that this may not be resolved. 
The first catalog loaded may have a system ID that has http but you 
may not be connected to the internet; in this case a catalog resolver 
should be allowed to figure out what to do itself to allow the 
process to continue. Potentially there is a little bit of magic here 
in the implementation.

Are the URIs in the catalog subject to catalog resolution? Are the 
nextCatalog etc subject to catalog resolution? Is the RHS of the 
catalog entry subject to catalog resolution? In general the RHS is 
not subject to resolution. Otherwise you can get into infinite loops. 

Issue: copyright and licensing for the DTD and schemas: Lauren action 
item to find out the OASIS policy on this stuff and come up with 

This will be made more explicit in the spec. The resolution is as 
stated by Norm in that email.

No other issues with the current draft. Norm will add the three notes 
(magic/bootstrap, RHS are not subjected to resolution, system 
identifiers are not made absolute before being passed in to 
resolution). Norm will do that soon so we can go back to committee 

Lauren to get the Debian implementation added to the implementation 
list on the group page, and the rest updated. 

Implementation guidelines: Mark has finished the first draft, based 
on a hierarchical system implemented at Debian. 

Question: people can give aliases to chunks of the catalog. The 
catalog resolver makes the alias point to the right place. This is 
not in the spec, but may be easier for users. 

Mark will post the first draft for us to comment on.

Next meeting: April 29th, 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT. Paul sends regrets.


Lauren Wood, Textuality
Chair, XML 2003 http://www.xmlconference.org

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