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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Debian implementation guide

Mark can't yet post to the list, so asked me to post this on his 

BTW, any member can post documents to our web site ;-)


I've put a copy of the first draft of the Debian hierarchical
implementation of XML Catalogs in this directory:


You'll need all the html files as well as the css stylesheet:

1. Implementation-Guide.html
2. ln-legalnotice.html
3. ln-status.html
4. oasis-ent.css

There are still a few issues that remain to be addressed, but I
thought it best to put this out where the committee members can view
it. Or, you can simply point them to it. (I still haven't fixed my
access to the mailing list...)

At any rate, if this document is to remain publicly viewable, we 
ought to make it clear that it is only a rough draft.


I also put it up on our web site, noting that it is input to the idea 
of providing an implementation  guide or tutorial, and is not to be 
considered part of the XML Catalog specification.


Lauren Wood, Textuality
Chair, Entity Resolution TC

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