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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from meeting 2003

Norm posted the new draft to address Paul's concerns. 

No other concerns with the latest specification.

Norm moves that we make the latest draft a CS. No objections.

Tutorial discussion postponed, because neither Lauren nor Mark 
fulfilled their action items.

Next steps for Oasis standard: people should get implementations 
happening where possible of this specification. Since we didn't make 
any actual changes other than to the descriptions, this should not be 
a problem. Then we need to find companies willing to state that they 
are using the specification. 

When do we want to start the formal review? Next meeting in two weeks 
at 2:30 pm Eastern time. Then the review will start June 18, be done 
by July 18, and we can move to OASIS standard at the next available 
date after that.


Lauren Wood, Textuality
Chair, XML 2003 http://www.xmlconference.org

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