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Subject: Re: [entity-resolution] BOF lunch at XML 2004?

Summary of the meeting:
- this wasn't a formal meeting of the TC, so all the discussions and 
ideas need to be confirmed by the TC
- there was general support for the idea of going for OASIS standard
- Mark and Lauren will do some more work on the user tutorial (note, 
this is not an implementation tutorial). Mark currently has the 
tutorial that Lauren started
- Mark is also chairing another committee that has some relevance 
(XML in Linux, I believe?) 
- Norm has a test harness that we could maybe use for the basis of a 
test suite
- Lauren needs to find out what the actual process steps are for 
going to OASIS standard
- there was general agreement that we should consider putting in 
Lauren's request for the simple "from the back" partial URI matching, 
but this needs to be confirmed by the TC

If there was anything else of importance, I'm sure someone will 
remind me at Tuesday's meeting.


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