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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from TC meeting

Present: Paul, Lauren, Tony, Craig Salter, 

we have quorum:
- we decided to move forward on OASIS standard
- the suffix matching problem that really would be fixing the problem 
in SAX. Paul is worried about opening up the spec and not getting 
enough implementations. Tony is worried in case people want to 
exclude some paths.
- Craig asked whether there are any other parser-based issues with 
catalogs, he mentioned namespaces. He can help push things into 
- difficulties in using catalogs - Lauren has only found the SAX 
- Tony thinks the agreeing on the name of the schema but not where 
it's located is common, so suffix matching should be worthwhile.
- Paul agrees it's worthwhile as long as we restrict to this one 
- Craig agrees it seems useful as Xerces uses something similar as 
they have a switch to turn off the SAX behaviour
- in summary we should add it to the spec. Action on Norm to add this 
to the spec.
- next steps are to go to Committee Spec again and then launch the 
standard process. Action Lauren to figure out what needs to be done 
Tutorial: Mark and Lauren are working on this 

Three companies using it:
Craig can probably hunt somebody in IBM down that uses the spec
Paul: Arbortext uses it, and customers do since it's implemented in 
Norm can say Sun uses it. 

Next phone call in January. 


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