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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from ER TC phone call 20050215

Present: Norm, Lauren, Paul, Adam, Craig, Tony
Regrets: Mark

Norm did version 1.1. The biggest question seems to be the id 
attribute. It is risky to change to xml:id at this point, so we 
should just leave it as id. No objections.

Norm will produce a new version of the spec that puts back the id 
attribute and fixes the things that Tony pointed out.

Once Norm has produced the spec, all were in favour of moving to 
Commitee Draft.

The tutorial is still in Mark's hands.

Paul and Norm can send emails about how the company is using the 
spec. Craig is still waiting for an official response on whether that 
can be done for IBM. Adam can certify on behalf of Debian. Norm will 
also update his implementation and ask Daniel to update libxml. 

Once the Draft has been published, Lauren will set the other wheels 
in motion (review period, review comments, and then vote period).

Lauren will tell Mary that Tony will represent us at the OASIS 
symposium and give Tony some notes on what to say. 


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