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Subject: RE: [entity-resolution] minutes from ER TC phone call 20050215

On 16 Feb 2005 Paul Grosso wrote:
> I'm confused.
> Are we certifying that we are using the Committee Draft
> or the Committee Specification (which doesn't yet exist)?

Committee Specification is a term that OASIS no longer uses; the 
product of the TC if it doesn't go to OASIS Standard is the Committee 

> I'm assuming that we are certifying that we are using the CD,
> and that the point of this is to get to CS.  But then I'm
> wondering where the CD is that I'm certifying we're using.
> The last published document I find on our TC page is a 1.0
> from over a year ago.

Norm will be publishing the CD that we voted on on Tuesday as soon as 
he has fixed the small mistakes that Tony pointed out, and reverted 
to "id" as the ID attribute name. This is the CD that people should 
certify their companies are using. Note that "using" does not 
necessarily imply "using every part of", so given that the CD 1.1 is 
a superset of 1.0, using the 1.0 features of 1.1 is sufficient for 
this certification. 

Does that help?


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