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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from meeting 20050823

Present: Norm, Lauren, Jirka, Paul, Mark,

Norm has not yet had a chance to do his action items. 

faq Q: How can I use the catalog to map XML schema namespaces to file 

locations? Add "The URI entry could point to a schema or to a RDDL 
file" if the processor knows what to do with a RDDL file." Lauren 
will make this change.

Steal the catalog from the DocBook distribution as an example. Norm 
will send to the list and Lauren will add to the FAQ.

Mark hasn't yet got any good ideas from RedHat about Web Services and
catalog usage that we can add, but is still working on it.

FAQ is in good shape so we can publish it once Lauren has made the 
above changes.

Public web page accepted by the group.

The blurb to encourage companies to vote: Paul has DITA experience. 
There were lots of people on the DITA committee and they called 
companies to ask them to vote. We need a paragraph for Mary to send 
out with the vote. And we may need to lobby people with a blurb. Paul
will pull a blurb together from the public page and the FAQ for this 
and will send it out by the end of tomorrow.

We will divide up the companies for lobbying later. 

Next phone call: Tuesday Sep 6th at 9 am Pacific.


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