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Subject: Re: [entity-resolution] draft blurb for the vote [was: minutes frommeeting 20050823]

Ah yes, you're right. I guess I was brought up in Star Trek time ;-). 
Thanks for pointing it out, I'm usually the pedant. I like your 
alternate wording, so I'll send out the reworded version in a separate 


Paul Grosso wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Lauren Wood [mailto:Lauren.Wood@Sun.COM] 
>>Sent: Wednesday, 2005 August 24 11:51
>>To: entity-resolution@lists.oasis-open.org
>>Subject: Re: [entity-resolution] draft blurb for the vote 
>>[was: minutes from meeting 20050823]
>>Minor word smithing and I incorporated Tony and Jirka's edits:
>>XML documents and data often reference other external 
>>resources.  Often 
>>the referencing information is not sufficient to unambiguously locate 
> You've split an infinitive.  I gather no one cares
> about such things any more, but my wording did attempt
> to avoid that.
> Alternate wording might be "...to locate the
> desired resource unambiguously...."
> Otherwise, I'm happy with what you have (and I'm able
> to grudgingly split [sic] infinitives if that's the
> consensus).
> paul
>>the desired resource, or the resource is not accessible at the given 
>>location at the time it is required, or it is preferable that an 
>>alternate resource be used in place of the referenced resource.
>>For example:
>>    1. External identifiers may require resources that are not always
>>available. For example, a system identifier that points to a 
>>resource on
>>another machine may be inaccessible if a network connection is not
>>    2. External identifiers may require protocols that are not 
>>accessible to all of the tools on a single computer system. 
>>An external 
>>identifier that is addressed with the ftp: protocol, for 
>>example, is not 
>>accessible to a tool that does not support that protocol.
>>    3. It is often convenient to access resources using system 
>>identifiers that point to local resources. Exchanging documents that 
>>refer to local resources with other systems is problematic at 
>>best and 
>>impossible at worst.
>>    4. Incoming XML documents may reference customized versions of 
>>standard XML schemas.  To protect your systems, it is 
>>necessary to remap 
>>  the schema references so that known, trusted copies of the 
>>schemas are 
>>Entity Resolution is the process by which these resource 
>>references can 
>>be mapped to another version of the reference that can be 
>>found or that 
>>is preferred for other reasons.  To address these issues, the 
>>Catalog specification defines an application-independent 
>>entity catalog 
>>that maps external identifiers and URI references to (other) 
>>URI references.
>>Entity resolution catalogs have already been widely 
>>implemented in much 
>>deployed software.  Promoting the OASIS XML Catalog 
>>specification to an
>>OASIS Standard is crucial for continued interoperability of XML

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