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Subject: Please Respond by Thursday, June 12

Hello, all.  As mentioned in the meeting minutes I sent out last week, and in order to keep as close to our schedule as possible, I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to identify the organizations we need to begin working with on eprocurement standards. 

The minutes stated:

1.	Identify organizations, within and outside OASIS, which may have developed standards for electronic purchasing and procurement.

2.	Contact the outside organizations to find out what they’ve been doing.  Get as much documentation from them as possible.
3.	Concurrently, review various TCs within OASIS to (a) find out what they might be doing in the eprocurement areas for their particular charters; (b) let them know our plans so we can synergize activities / outcomes; and (c) make sure we’re not doing double work. 

Once I get the suggested organizations from everyone, I can put a list of them together and begin getting volunteers who will contact them.  I'll also develop a template so we'll all be asking the same questions.  I'll plan to get this out to you by the first of next week.

Thanks for your time and energy!

Terri Tracey
EPS Chair

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