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Subject: European Public Procurement e-procurement survey

Title: Message
The following message may be of interest to people participating in the UBL, eGov or eProcurement TCs and are based/have contacts in Europe.  Apologies for cross-posting.
Kind regards,
Pim van der Eijk

From: Emilio.CASTRILLEJO@cec.eu.int [mailto:Emilio.CASTRILLEJO@cec.eu.int]
Sent: 07 November 2005 16:38
To: egov2005@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: ewen.mckinnon@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk
Subject: UK e-procurement survey (URL)

Dear eProcurement experts,
The original message did not include the link to the survey: http://www.procurementsurvey.com/ 
My apologies for forgetting this.
I have also received some questions about a missing attachment. Indeed, there was no attachment, just the text from UK directly included in my message.
Best regards.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 10:42 AM
To: 'ewen.mckinnon@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk'
Cc: FERGER Julia (MARKT); 'john.turner@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk'; 'ian.ascough@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk'; JUNGER Jean-Francois (INFSO)
Subject: FW: UK e-procurement survey

Dear eProcurement experts,


Please find included a message from the UK organisers of the eProcurement survey. I would like to encourage you as well to complete the survey, if not done already.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.





Many thanks to those of you who have completed the eprocurement survey for the Ministerial Conference in Manchester November. We would be grateful if you could complete the short eprocurement questionnaire as soon as possible - as this will provide an important feed into the conference. The results will be anonymous - although we might seek your permission to highlight evidence of good practice in your countries. We have had a good response but are particularly interested in hearing from Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus who currently aren't represented in the results, and from other countries to improve depth in the analysis.


Many of you will have received your invitations to the conference and those of you who haven't and would like to attend please email the conference team at: egov2005@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk. eProcurement will be an important theme discussed at the conference, with a relevant Ministerial declaration and the subject of a parallel session in which the survey results will be announced,




European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General
European eGovernment services (IDABC)
Postal address: B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Office: Breydel building, office BREY 11/225
Tel: +32 229 50917, Fax: +32 229 90286

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