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Subject: Excellent opportunity - work from home

     Trade-Deal Inc. is seeking highly organized, responsible people to work as our merchant operator, in connection with expansions of services of our company and a network of our offices worldwide.

     At present vacancy - merchant operator is accessible to our company, work is home-based.

     The position merchant operator demands from you skills of work with a computer and knowledge of work merchant services.
There is a prospect of career growth. If you meet the requirements of the merchant operator position your work will be in receptions of the finance from merchant company, including the various companies, handling and allocating of the finance.
Instructions you will receive from one of our office coordinators.

     Requirements to merchant operator:

     Reception and duly accomplishing of instructions from our office coordinator in this connection it is necessary to receive e-mail some times a day and to answer phone calls during day.
     You should maintain an account (accounts) in banks for acceptance of money from merchant companies and open accounts in banks accessible to you on requirements office operator for needs of our company.
     Immediate accomplishing of all instructions office operator.

     We offer competitive compensation, including base salary, commission.
The Employer will pay to the Employee compensation at the rate of 10% from all merchants payments, payable as a merchant pays.

     To obtain a position at our company we should make a research of further candidats based on their resumes.
     As soon as we consider and accept your resume it will be necessary to sign the contract between both sides then you will be assigned to our office coordinator.

     If you are interested in our offer, please forward your resumes to

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