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Subject: Online Payment

My name is Nikola. I live in the small country Moldova. I have found your email in Internet and I write with the purpose to offer to you cooperation. I have the Internet site and I make good money on it. I sell notebook worldwide and monthly my site makes approximately 20000 $. My site have many clients, but unfortunately the site do not have system " Online payment " and consequently my clients cannot pay for purchase of the goods immediately. With online payment will be more convenient to process payments and a site will involve more clients. On statistics sites with Online Payment make in 2-3 times more profit. If connect site and Online Payment the site will make a minimum 40000 $ monthly.
I contacted with company giving to sites system online payments and they told that work with all big countries, but at present do not work with banks of my country and consequently I write to you. For me and my site necessary a partner.
What do I suggest to you and what work you do?
1) You register my site in system which gives to sites online payment. (it can do
everyone and takes only 2 minutes.)
2) Two times in month you will receive money which make my site and to leave
yourself 25 % from the received sum.
3) Send other 75 % to me.
It very simply also demands for you only 2 hours per month to receive money and to send me 75 % from the received sum. Other work is made by me!
It is good for us together!
For me: the site will bring 2-3 times more money.
For you: monthly you will earn a minimum on 10000 $ more!
At present I have some fresh orders on the sum 9000 $. After registration in system giving online payment, this money will be the first for us together and we shall see success already in the first days. Please write to me back on email: laptop_info@gawab.com and I shall give you more information. Ask any questions which
interest you. I wait for your answer.

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