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fwsi-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: james.johns@vision-fs.com

Name: James Johns
Title:  Software Architect
Organization: Vision Fire & Security
Regarding Specification:  FWSI Functional Elements Specification v1.0

The scope of this specification appears to be limited to 'data provision' services.  That is, services where data is made available to clients that wish to receive that data.

I am a newcomer to the work of this TC, but it seems (imho) that this specification should also address delivery of 'command & control' services.  That is, services which enable clients to submit data or commands to a third system.  In a sense, the service acts as a proxy
for the 'commanded' or 'controlled' system.

This type of service seems to be the natural complement to a 'data provider' service in that it allows data to flow in the opposite direction.

Is this on the agenda for this TC at some point?

If not, is it addressed by another TC or other group?

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