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Subject: Comment on Data Integrator FE

I would propose the following modification:

Section 1.1.2 Terms Used

Data Repository: Data repository is persistence data storage used by Data Integrator to store data of logical data view information.

Page 2, 1st para.

Figure 1 depicts the basic concepts of how the participating entities collaborate together in the Data Integrator Functional Element. Data is physically scattered across various data sources, residing on the local area network (LAN) or over Wide Area Network (WAN). Example of Data are  RDBMS, XML database, XML files, URLs that point to a set of data in the Internet, etc. Data Integrator enables the creation of different set of logical data views for various applications or systems. Users of Data Integrator manipulate the data according to the logical data view defined through a unified access interface. Logical data views could be physically stored in Data Repository for easy and fast access. 

Andy Tan

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