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Subject: Web Services Implementation Methodolody - Guide for submitting Case Example

Hi All,
I have released an update of this documents based on the feedback from Dr.
Marc Haines and Ms. Ang Chai Hong with regards to section Implementation Phases, Activities. 
Feedback #1
Dr. Marc Haines had suggested the need to clearly link the activities of the agile software methodology to the generic implementation methodology activities defined in the Web Service Implementation Guideline. He suggested to include a cross reference number after the title of the activities e.g. [3.3.4]. This suggestion was added to this update.

However there is a problem, when the generic documents numbering changes due to inclusion or removal of activities all case example documents need to be modified too. One way to overcome this problem is to leave gaps between each of the activities under each phases. 
For example:
3.2 Requirement Phase:
3.2.1 Activity: Determine the need for Web Service [RP-01010]
3.2.2 Activity: Elicit Web Service requirement [RP-02010]
In this way when an additional activity if needed (insert between 3.2.1 and
3.2.2) will not affect the cross reference numbering in the other case examples documents. This method is similar to that used by the FE Requirements. I would proposed that the generic Implementation Methodology Guideline adopt this referring mechanism. 
Feedback #2:
Ms. Ang Chai Hong also feedback that in her RUP case example the activities naming are different from the generic activities naming; some are overlapped and  other do not have an equivalent activities, how would these cases be handled.
We could use the cross reference numbering, for example:
Workflow Detail: Define a Candidate Architecture (for each Web Service)
- Identify the Web Services Signature [3.4.1]
- Identify the possible 3rd party Web Services [3.3.4]
For those activities that do not have an equivalent activity in the generic methodology then it will not be assigned a cross reference number.
I proposed to table this item for discussion in the next IMSC meeting.
Andy Tan

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