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Subject: Clarification of WSIM - Questionnaires ( By Andy Tan)

Andy Tan added the following comment to the IM-Questionnaire-Andy.pdf document in the FWSI Implementation Methodology SC Group.

There are a number of queries that members asks to clarify further:

(1)   Section B/Q 4: What is the term Standard Package means in the context of Software Development Support?

[Ans]Standard Package - purchase software packages from vendors: off the shelf package.

(2)   Section C/Q 7: Could you please define the term grass-roots project?

[Ans]Grass roots - Grass roots projects typically refers to projects down at lower level of the organization. For example Programmer, who is responsible for internal or external application integration, is well verse with Web Services is using it to solve some of the problem. Such "grass roots" project may not be identified as Web Services projects per se. They are probably run-of-mill integration projects, with the exception where the programmer is using Web Services.

The purpose of asking this question, is to find out if there are some level of applications of Web Services or knowledge amongst the technical folk in the organization.

(3)   Section D/Q 14: Could you please clarify the phrase identify the tasks easily? What is the meaning of tasks in the given context?

[Ans]Task is referred to as activity or piece of work need to do. Tasks are part of the projects.

(4)   Section D/Q 14: Is the phrase easily defined means well-defined?

[Ans]"Easily identified" would mean if the projects can be easily divided into smaller task and if this process is easily carried out. "easily defined" may imply "well defined". I choose to use "easily defined" because some task may be overlapping and "well defined" could refer to clear boundary and scope can be defined for each task.  It may not be the case in most project.

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