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Subject: OASIS Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures for XML


In case you have not been informed yet, OASIS is holding a Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures for XML, an OASIS Plenary and Members Meeting and OASIS TC Meetings in New Orleans from 26-29 April 2004. I strongly encourage all our TC members to attend the symposium as, aside from the learning experience, the symposium offers attendees a forum to exchange ideas and present results of standards work-in-progress as well as the opportunity to identify unaddressed topics in need of standards development and areas where coordination between standards efforts would promote interoperability.

Since we are convinced of its importance, I and the other co-chair Dr. Lee Eng Wah, will be attending the meeting. At the same time, we also thought of organizing a face-to-face cum teleconference meeting to take advantage of the rare chance that some of our US-based members will be attending the symposium. In this regards, I would like to request for those who are keen to attend the meeting to inform us so that we can take care of the administration issues for the meeting.

We have tentatively set the meeting timeslot to be on the 27th April 2004 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm New Orleans time. We chose this timeslot because two of our members have already expressed their intention to attend but they are only staying for the symposium and will be flying out on the 28th.

Once again, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be able to meet face-to-face and to get things going on the standards work we intend to develop.

As always, you comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Warmest regards,
Roberto Pascual, FWSITC Co-Chair
Dr. Lee Eng Wah, FWSITC Co-Chair

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