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Subject: Groups - Proposal for 1st FWSI TC Forum -Singapore (1st FWSI TC Forum (release-13 Jan 05).doc) uploaded

Change the proposed that to April 6, 2005.

 -- Andy Tan

The document revision named Proposal for 1st FWSI TC Forum - Singapore (1st
FWSI TC Forum (release-13 Jan 05).doc) has been submitted by Andy Tan to
the OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation (FWSI) TC document
repository.  This document is revision #1 of 1st FWSI TC Forum (release-10
Jan 05).doc.

Document Description:
This is a proposed draft to organize a forum on the work of FWSI TC in
Singapore as documented in the last minute of meeting on 16 Dec 2004.


This Forum focuses on explaining the business benefits as well as the
technical detail of the FWSI Functional Elements Specification and the
Implementation Methodology Guideline. 

The FWSI Functional Elements Specification specifies a set of Functional
Elements for practitioners to instantiate into technical specifications. It
is the purpose of this specification to define the right level of
abstraction for these Functional Elements and to specify the purpose and
scope of each of them. This is to facilitate efficient and effective
implementation of Web Services.

The FWSI Implementation Methodology Guidelines specifies activities in a
Web Services implementation process. It illustrates the approach to
incorporate these activities into an existing agile software development

Through this forum, the OASIS FWSI TC seeks local enterprise to participate
actively to implement the committee draft.

Targeted Audience

This forum is designed for IT professional involved in designing Web
Services applications as well as decision makers involved in defining the
Web Services Architecture and Infrastructure for their companies.

It is specifically for:
	Heads of E-Commerce or E-Business
	Web Services Project Managers
	Web Services System Architects
	Web Services Developers

Proposed Venue and Date

IDA Multi-purpose Hall
8 Temasek Boulevard #14-00
Suntec Tower Three
April 6 2005, From 2.00 to 6.00pm

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This document is revision #1 of 1st FWSI TC Forum (release-10 Jan 05).doc. 
The document details page referenced above will show the complete revision

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