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Subject: FWSI - IMSC: suggestion for revisions and comments

A little later than intended, but here are a couple of modifications I would
suggest before making this public
(The changes are included in the attached document):

- [p 7]Update list of figures (undefined bookmarks)

- [p 8, l 224] 
formalization of a Web service implementation lifecycle and defining the Web
service specific 
formalization of a Web service implementation lifecycle and defining Web
service specific 

- [p 8, l 250-264]
Several small modifications to the section 1.3.1 

- [p 10, l 323-324]
It is not quite clear what is meant by assimilate in this sentence. Needs
some rewording.

- [p 12, l 426 - 427]
Inserted the word "typically" and a footnote.

-[p 12, l 429] 
"A Web service ..."

Here are some more general comments:

-The Web service cycle is just like any generic development cycle
--> Question: There are no new phases in the process, nor a different order?

- The V-model is also very generic. It really does not tell the reader
anything that is particular to Web services. Does this add value to the

- What is the source of the two figures (life cycle and V-model).  We may
have to clear about from where we got them. Is this in the RUP

- We are currently listing all the typical activities and add some
description of how they apply to Web services. Is there are way to highlight
the activities that are paricularly important or different in the context of
Web services?

- From reading this document I get the impression that this is document is
biased towards Web service providers. This may lead into a more
philosophical discussion, but I would argue that providing Web services
(possibly within a SOA) is quite different compared to a Web service
consumer buidling composite applications from available Web services. This
perhaps just something we need to be clear about, as there may be important
differences as far as the software development methodology is concerned. Any
comments welcome! 

- How far along are we with incorporting any other comments we got for this
document? I am still working on the questions for the survey, but hope to be
able to send you something by the beginning of next week. 



Marc N. Haines, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

School of Business Administration
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee WI 53201-0742

phone: (414) 229 3773
fax:   (414) 229 5999
email: mhaines@uwm.edu
www:   www.marchaines.com/uwm


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