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Subject: 24th FWSI TC Meeting Feedback



Our feedback on the last FWSI meeting:


1)       The current use cases for Service Router FE only includes the setup part (manage services, servers and handlers).  But the runtime scenarios are missing. Specifically the exception scenario where the client invokes a web service and the service is unavailable.

2)       It would be good if incase the producer sends an exception, the exception can be routed to a functional handler which an in-turn do some logging /notification of the error before forwarding it back to the calling client. (Allowing a separate handler chain to be invoked incase of exception/fault sent by the producer)

3)       It is not specifically mentioned that functional handlers used within the service routers can be functional elements itself.  We proposed TC to add this information in the definition of the functional handler in the document. (that the functional handlers can be a functional element itself)



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