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Subject: Cross-referencing between FE Specs and WSQM Specs

Prof Min, Dr Kim and all members of WSQM TC,
Thank you for a good teleconf discussion yesterday, 31 August 2006. 
As agreed yesterday, most of the terms are now consistent, and we will make the necessary references. As part of the agreement, we will put this statement at the start of the QoS FE in our new FE Specs (draft):
"The metrics used in this QoS FE has been adopted from the conceptual model of WSQM Specs version xx dated xx. [The actual version is pending confirmation from WSQM TC.]"
Hope to receive a similar email from your end too.
Thank you and have a good weekend.
On Behalf of the FWSI TC's FESC,
Tan Puay Siew
FESC Chair

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