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Subject: Open Standards Forum | Call for Presentations | Deadline 13 July

Open Standards Forum

“Enabling Transitional Government Through Web Services and SOA”

Organized by OASIS <www.oasis-open.org>


29-30 October 2007

London, United Kingdom



Call for Presentations Deadline – 13 July 2007


At the core of many practical implementations that aim to deliver on the vision of "transformational government" are open standards and interoperability specifications. Open standards for information exchange allow government agencies to integrate systems provided by different vendors, built over many years, based on evolving technologies, architectural concepts, business processes and requirements. Standards also permit governments to connect more easily to their citizens, to businesses, as well as internationally to other governments. 


The international open standards consortium, OASIS, delivers the widest range of open standards for Web services in use today. Recent OASIS work on Web services standardisation extends SOAP-based messaging to provide message security, reliable messaging, transaction, choreography and orchestration.


While there is a great level of interest in these standards, many industries are just beginning to implement them and some are still struggling to fully understand the benefits and potential. OASIS invites proposals for presentations and panel sessions that present these new standards and demonstrate their added value to a wide audience.


In addition to presentations focused on specific OASIS Standards, we're also looking for case studies that explain how these OASIS Standards address real-life issues and requirements. We're particularly interested in case studies of solution implementations in the public sector.


The Programme Committee would also welcome OASIS members interested in demonstrating multi-vendor interoperability of software implementations, commercial and/or open source that implement open Web services standards. 


Topics include, but are not limited to:


Web Services Standards and Interoperability

*     Overview of the landscape of OASIS Web services specifications and standards

*     Related work in industries, other standards organizations


Secure Web Services

*     Introductory overviews of Web services and security issues

*     OASIS Standards: WS-Security, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Trust

*     Open source software and other implementations of secure Web services

*     Case studies of solution implementations for secure Web services

*     Deployment considerations

*     Role of Digital Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)


Web Services and Messaging

*     WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Reliability, and ebXML Messaging

*     Open source software and other implementations of reliable Web services

*     Case studies of solution implementations for Web services and messaging


Transactional Web Services

*     Introductory overview of Web services and transactions

*     WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction, WS-BusinessActivity, WS-Context

*     Open source software and other implementations of transactional Web services

*     Case studies of solution implementations for transactional Web services


Orchestration and Choreography

*     WS-Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

*     ebXML Business Process


Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures

*     SOA Reference Model, Framework for Web Services Implementation

*     Discussion of methods and functional components for broad, multi-platform, vendor-neutral cross-industry implementation of Web services

*     Case studies of solution implementations for Web services in an SOA environment


Web Services Interoperability

*     Web services profiles and interoperability

*     Interoperability initiatives, testing, conformance


Interop Demonstrations

*     Featuring one or more of the above mentioned OASIS Standards


Case Studies

*     E-Government applications

*     E-Health applications

*     Government Interoperability frameworks




Submissions will be judged not only on the quality and originality of the material, but also on how well they draw valuable lessons and contribute to a better understanding of the current status and future prospects of Web services, and/or the role and relevance of emerging technologies.

Submissions should relate either to existing Web services standards in some way or to requirements for new standards.


The Programme Committee reserves the right to adapt or restructure proposals submitted to ensure an interesting and technically compelling conference.


*       Presentations should be roughly 30-45 minutes in length, including a question-and-answer period. All presentations will be chaired.


*       Panel sessions should be roughly 45-60 minutes in length, including a question and answer period. Proposals for panels should include the topic, three to four potential panelists (name and role) and proposed format (e.g. Q&A, short presentations or both). All panel sessions will be moderated.


Proceedings for the Open Standards Forum will be published online. Authors/presenters should arrange for any necessary releases for publication prior to submission of their proposals.


Additional submission guidelines may be found at: http://events.oasis-open.org/home/forum/2007/guidelines




Please send the following information using the online abstract submission form found at: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/2007_Adoption_Forum_CfP/register_contact.php


*       Full contact details of the presenter, acting as the primary contact

*       Full list of authors and/or additional presenters, if any

*       Brief biography (one paragraph) for all presenters/authors

*       A short characterization of the presentation

*       An extended abstract no more than 2000 words


Deadline for submission is 13 July 2007.  All submissions will be acknowledged.




Proposals due:                13 July 2007

Notification by:              1 August 2007

Final materials deadline:     To Be Announced in Confirmation Letter

Event dates:                  29-30 October 2007


Please forward this message to colleagues who may be interested in this event.




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