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Subject: RE: [geolang] GeoLang Meeting at XML 2003?


| > A Standards Update
| > just on Published Subjects, as a late-breaking session during
| > normal conference hours.
| Errr, some confusion on this end. A standards update on all three 
| (GeoLang, PubSubj, XMLVoc) or just on Published Subjects? Agree that 
| Published Subjects would be the most appropriate of the three for a 
| single session.

Sorry for causing the confusion. When I wrote "just on" I meant that
the session should be entirely devoted to PS-work in OASIS and not be
a 10-min slot in a "standards update" that covered multiple standards
organizations and efforts.

I would think we should aim to cover the work of all three current
committees, with a focus on what PSIs are, what they can be used for,
why they are important, and how people can get involved (both in
TC work and PS use in general).

| Does presume that we have more than the current work product to discuss.

If we make it as broad as I suggest we shouldn't have a problem
coming up with material. We need to pitch it to the conference
organizers as being the public launch of published subjects - and
make sure they feel honoured about being chosen as the venue :-)

| Suspect that we could get a late-breaking session for Published 
| Subjects. (Rather like the idea of getting into the main conference 
| program. Great suggestion!)

I think it could be very effective from a marketing point of view.


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