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Subject: RE: [humanmarkup] Real-World Applications Question.

Hi Steven,
Please update your subscription, we have moved the mailing list under
OASIS. You can subscribe at [1].
I think that real world applications could be just about anything. It
depends solely on what ways you can think of to use HumanMarkup modules
once they become stable. 
For example, I was trying to think of an application myself, the purpose
is to provide a more solid example in the humanmarkup site. Here's what
passed over my mind 15 minutes ago.
I could design an XML based chat page (working with XMLHTTP). Well you
know what a chatroom does. Imagine the user able to select parts of the
text he wants to send over and then "apply" emotions or information on
the via buttons and maybe a couple of dialogs.
This information could then be processed to display a grafh next to each
of the chatters (shown in a list or something). The graph can represent
emotional state.
On a one to one chat, it could be used to show how the chat progresses,
that is, how do the two parties like eachother (or how much they don't).
By looking the chart history (combined with the text send and all) would
forbit you from typing "Was it something I said?".
Hope this helps.
[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/humanmarkup/#mailing

Kindest regards,
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Subject: [humanmarkup] Real-World Applications Question.

	Hi all. I have a question about this. I am new to it, so please
	to bare with me.
	(I searched the archive but...) What real-world application have
	suggested for this technology??
	I can think of a use for a customer help desk application that
	identifies priority calls based on the emotion entered by the
	original call receiver (e.g. from "unhappiness" to "anger" - and
	i say from experience - "hatred").
	But this was after reading the few pages on the site and it got
	interested enough to join and try to find out more.
	Auhor, Pro XML 2e  www.wrox.com
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