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Subject: TC.ProjectPlan: initial content

Now that the Private Discussion List is open for business, this is the arena to discuss all matters relating to management of responsibilities for the committeee. 
In keeping in line with OASIS principles, we will make sure as much communications as possible takes place over an open forum such as this (i.e. not through private email, wherever possible)
Rex will be maintaining the lists of the members and responsibilities.  I will start off with the descriptions below:
Ranjeeth, Chair
Rex, Secretary/Webmaster
Joe, non-technical Editor
Kurt, technical Editor
(additional breakdown will be done as size of TC changes)
Rob Nixon has asked to be chair of VR subcommittee and Sudhakar Gorti, chair of physical description subcommittee, in the future. 
Discussion regarding these should take place on this Private Discussion List till the next meeting.
Additionally I nominate Sean B. Palmer to be in charge of the HumanML RDF Specification and Len Bullard to be responsible for the HumanML -- XML Schema specification.  Since Len is not a member, I offer to represent his interests during the meeting.
Additional roles will be assigned based on interests of the contributors to this group.  By next meeting, every member of the TC has to have a formal role assigned (to ensure accountability), and all non-member contributors will be requested to handle a particular role.
Liaisons can start to be discussed, formally or informally, by then.
There are three important points regarding all roles, current and future:
   1) These are all active roles, and each participant is responsible for upkeep of tasks
   2) All posts are mandatorily reviewed either on a daily or regular basis
   3) All duties are fully understood http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml
       These roles are customized somewhat for HumanMarkup TC, so please personally list out the specific duties we are responsible for.      
All individuals in roles must ensure that these roles are met.  If there is an inability to meet these requirements, please contact me directly, and we can adjust duties.  Thanks.
To ensure continuity of progress, we have to ensure contingency regarding our work progress.  If any of us is not able to meet our responsibility by stated deadline, then another is responsible.  This ensures that our progress continues.
According to OASIS, responsibility for all work ultimately lies with the chair of the group.  If the chair is unable to perform his duties, then work will transfer to secretary, TC webmaster, and editors. 
If there is long term inability for anyone to meet the requirements for the roles, then the TC will vote to find a replacement.
Non-Tech Editor-->Tech Editor-->Chair
Tech Editor-->Non-Tech Editor-->Chair
Chair-->Secretary--->Webmaster--->Tech Editor-->Non-Tech Editor
(future roles will have a contingency hierarchy established as well)
Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
OASIS HumanMarkup TC Chair
(646) 456-9076

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