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Subject: LegalEntity Class (Was: Re: HumanML_Write: Several responses and somereflection....)

Title: LegalEntity Class (Was: Re: HumanML_Write: Several res
Hi Folks,

One of the things I completely missed while getting back up to speed yesterday was the fact that we were contemplating a java version of HumanML_Write, so to correct that, let me mention that the UML Classes and Properties Table, while incomplete as is all of our work can be readily converted into this app because the Class Structure is right there. It would, of course, not require the entire Class Structure, and would require a significant amount of work on the LegalEntity Class which I have yet to add to it, as well as a great deal of thought, which I am currently undertaking, to create accurate input/contextual modifiers/->perception->action chain within the current Taxonomical Tree.

I have a large backlog of work, and the big local graphics TradeShow, Seybold, in SF where I need to make an appearance and get logged into various ongoing databases in my vocational niche, graphic designer. So it is doubtful that I will actually get this batch of work done before the weekend, and this is in addition to work I need to do for the TC and the HumanMarkup.org we are currently reconstituting to provide material support for the TC and the HumanMarkup Initiative in general.

So I would like to invite some help by having y'all post up what you think is needed in the levels of the LegalEntity Class for a Human Object Instance of the Human Class.

At 1:07 AM -0400 9/25/01, Joseph Norris wrote:
Hello Everyone,
In response to the several issues brought up by several of you, I will attempt to address them in this one response.
First, in response to concerns about HumanML_Write being within the scope of TC, I want bring up a few points. I maintain that HumanML_Write is an important showcase for the use of the various HumanMarkup specifications.
The best analogy would be to compar HumanML_Write to W3C's Amaya web browser that uses some W3C technologies such as MathML and RDF annotations. HumanML_Write, or some other programmatic front-end, can put a face to the outside world and can potentially drum up interest in the project as a whole. Although technologists, computer scientists, and researchers are, quite rightly, more interested in the specific technical specifications and issues, I maintain that HumanMarkup TC should make an outreach to the outside world. I hope that we can get together to create all sorts of example applications to showcase to the outside world what we are doing.

<Rex Brooks> Since I am not in agreement with the notion of working in HumanML or
HumanMLWrite for our work because it is a language and application
respectively in progress and would necessitate too many revisions, I
will argue against that in the proper forum. For now, we already have
a viable means for working. </Rex Brooks>
I agree wholeheartedly with Rex. Since any specific program, schema, or format be it in HumanML or otherwise can rapidly change, we should avoid forays into working into anything that is not a stable and widely recognized standard.
<Rob Nixon> It installed fine and looks good!  Thought I'd mention that under hair length for male, you may have to add "style" as there would be potentially "many" different lengths involved with different styles Moehawk, ponytail, balding, etc </Rob Nixon>
Thanks for the input Rob, there are a LOT of things we can add to the Human Identifier Attributes as defined in Len's prototype schema. Also Chronemic values will also have to be added. Right now things on the update front will have to take a back burner until 1) we can get a specific HumanML_Write Project Plan developed with a list of deliverables and 2) we can get a Java version of HumanML_Write completed. This will of course take some doing, but with the help of Manos, Kurt, and others I am sure we can complete this soon.
<Manos> I already have designed a web based app for XML editing (based on ASP). The important thing about it is the front end interface. I can help you anytime, my problem always was the server configuration of the HumanMarkup.org website. To make it work I need MSXML3 and modify read/write access in the server settings :-( </Manos>
Yes Manos I remember taking a look at your XML editor. Can you please send the URL? This would be great to have HumanML_Write based on ASP. Kurt has proposed porting the VB version to ASP, but perhaps we can arrange a merger of the two?
<Ranjeeth> I corresponded with Joe, and we agreed that developing the HumanML_Write
makes sense to be his primary responsibility and accountability.  It is such
an important project, and it is the front end and only exposure to
HumanMarkup that end-users will likely have. </Ranjeeth>
Thanks for the support Ranjeeth! I know we all recognize the importance of exposure to outsiders, and am sure this can help.
Joe Norris

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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