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Subject: TC.ProjectPlan: working draft

Here is a copy of the Working Draft Project Plan for HumanMarkup.  At this point, it simply summarizes our roles and deliverables. Eventually, Kurt will help convert these to HTML. 
We'll build on these, and edit, based on input from contributors.
Anyway, if you haven't posted an introduction to the group, please feel free to do so.   We will start to compile contributor information in a database so we can start to network the interested parties within this group with 1) interests, 2) background, and 3) desired contributions.  Even if you don't find yourself involved with current discussion topics, please do so as well.
Also (initial role members), please submit the duties/responsibilites that you would like to be accountable for.  I've listed a few placeholder tasks below in the meantime.  These responsibilities are voluntary (of course) so only mention specifically what you'd like to commit towards
We'll confirm all roles during the next meeting, but we can start to act 'as-if' from now.  Please do post (or write me) with any questions or comments.
Administrative discussion takes place on the Private TC board (not the public commnets board), but everyone is free to view the archives of this board as well: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/humanmarkup/
Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
Sept 27 2001

Table of Contents
 I.    Administrative Roles
 II.   R&D Roles
 III.  TC Member Obligations
 IV.   Non TC Member Obligations
 V.    Understudy
 VI.   Deliverables
 VII.   References
Chair Duties - Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
 -Maintain accountability for entire TC and subcommittees
      -Keep TC moving towards Charter
      -Speak for TC for PR
      -Ensure compliance with IPR
      -Schedule meetings, arrange facilities
      -Create meeting agendas
      -Monitor both Discussion Lists
     -Develop and maintain project plan
      -Validate roles for group members interested in formally/informally
  contributing to this TC
 -Review all posts

 Secretary Duties - Rex Brooks
 -Follow duties described by "Roberts Rules of Order, Article X Section 59"
 -Take roll call at each meeting
 -Keep a list of TC members and prospective members, containing:
   Name, affiliate, contactinfo, Interests, Background,
  Desired Contributions, Other information
 -Keep these lists and members status up to date in compliance with OASIS TC   
  -Warnings for non-compliance
  -Warnings for missing meetings
  -Maintain member relationship
 -Take minutes of meetings--publish them on the TC mail list and web page
 -Review all posts
 Webmaster Duties - Rex Brooks
 -Ensure website contains up-to-date information of TC activities
 in the following categories:
   Date last updated
        TC summary, purpose, list of deliverables
             List of chair, editors, secretary, etc
           Current list of TC members
       Meeting minutes
       Latest document drafts
          Liaison work
          Mail list subscription, archive info
          Press releases
                 Name and email of TC webmaster.
        -Incorporate modifications/changes/fixes as appropriate (normally within 24 hours)
        -uploading documents to the oasis-open.org ftp server for archiving purposes
 -including submitted documents into the webpage (possibly as
 -Review all posts
 Editor Duties - Kurt Cagle
 -Every two days (or Monday/Thursday each week), all posts to both HumanMarkup
 discussion boards are read and disseminated into the appropriate documents.
 POSTS ---->    TC, HM, and HMI documents
 -Past Posts (PHASE 1 only)
 Every two days (or Monday/Thursday each week) we will go through 75 posts
 from phase 1 discussion boards, and extract these into the appropriate
 documents, until we are up to date.
 POSTS ---->    TC, HM, and HMI documents
 -Maintain specification documents
 -Post message to OASIS HumanMarkup-Comment and HumanMarkup mailing list
 -Develop/adhere version control system
 -Use OASIS suggested styles/templates
 -Maintain Collaboration Server for Knowledge Repository
 Co-Editor(s) - Joseph Norris, others

II. R&D Roles
 HumanML - XML Schema Technical Architect -- Len Bullard
 -maintain the development of the HumanML -- XML Schema
 -incorporate feedback into schema on weekly basis
 HumanML - RDF Technical Architect -- Sean B. Palmer?
 -maintain the development of the HumanML -- RDF implementation

 HumanML_Write Facilitator - Joseph Norris
 -accountable for open-source, non-proprietary editing tool
 -ensure it conforms to HumanMarkup Specifications
 -develop project as a showcase for the HumanMarkup TC
 -develop project plan using project plan methodlogy and UML
 VR, Physical Subcommittee/Facilitator -- Rob, Sudhakar? (TDB)
 (duties to be enumerated upon formation, desired contributions)

 Other Roles (TBD)

 -Submit self-introduction with 1) Background 2) Interests 3) Desired Contribution
 -Proactively maintain duties and responsibility
 -Review all documents and links on the OASIS TC Website
 -Read/Review all post to both discussion boards, to the best of abilities
 -Attend meetings, and meet other OASIS requirements
 -Submit self-introduction with 1) Background 2) Interests 3) Desired Contribution
 -Review all documents and links on the TC Website
 -Contribute to discussion to best of capabilities 

If person is unable to complete duties for a particular role, responsibility passes to
someone else.  According to OASIS, the chair is ultimately responsible for all TC work. 
Since this is a pro-bono project, members can be AWOL at any time, so
understudies will ensure no bottlenecks.

 Deadline                  Responsibility
 Friday noon ------------->Primary Role
 following Tuesday noon--->Understudy
 following Friday noon --->Understudy(2) or Chair
 Administrative Understudies
 R&D Understudies (TBD)
   Sep 28 2001
          determine collaboration server for group
          determine ownership of individual documents for editing, if needed
          all TC documents are brought up to Working Draft Stage
  Oct 5 2001
          All initial HM and HMI documents are brought to Working Draft Stage
          Synopsis of Phase 0, chronological progression
          Synopsis of Phase 1, chronological progression
          Class hierarchy (beta) synchronized with current HM.Frameworks

  Nov 2 2001
           HumanMarkup HumanML-XML Schema Modules, beta
  Dec 7 2001
           HumanMarkup Executive Whitepaper Working Draft
           HumanMarkup Technical Whitepaper Working Draft
           HumanML_Write/Editor Application beta
   Jan 4 2001
           HumanMarkup Constraints/Genre Document
           HumanMarkup HumanML-RDF Schema Modules beta
           HumanMarkup Human.Frameworks Specification
           HumanMarkup Messaging Specification
   Feb 1 2001
           HumanML_Messaging Application beta
           HumanMarkup Style Best Practices
           HumanMarkup Human.Repository Specification


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