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Subject: Re: TC.Projectplan: Administrative Roles: Editor

Looks very good.  Actually you did already post this to the TC group!
Here are a few additions/changes you might want to make to the duties you have:
If you could propose a strategy (with timeframe/deliverables) on integrating past and current posts into the formal documents, that would be great.
The copyright/IPR statement I mentioned to Joe also applies here (we have to work towards meeting OASIS copyright/IPR policy).
We can start to delegate content ownership for particular documents:
I can take ownership of the TC.projectplan, TC.policy, and TC.documents. 
If you could establish a timeframe for all the deliverables, that would be great.
All co-editors will work within this timeframe.
If there are any other documents you would like to integrate within the fold (besides the ones that currently exist on the site), feel free to post.  For example, we've done some past work on WhitePaper, although we never got it to what to a presentable format.  It is your discretion.
You'll have to contact me directly to obtain FTP account information (can't do it over email for security reasons)
My mobile # is 646-456-9076.  Your responsibility is the 'documents' subfolder on the TC site, with final accountability in the webmaster for whatever goes on OASIS's site.
The Web Manager role is actually termed Webmaster according to OASIS, and there is no single R&D Manager (XML schema, RDF, and HumanML_Write architects only right now--at this point at least).
Thanks very much Kurt.  We now have all the admin roles almost squared away, and primary duties are accounted for.
Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
----- Original Message -----
From: Kurt Cagle
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: TC.Projectplan: Administrative Roles: Editor

Let me pass this to you all before posting, just to insure it seems to be reasonable (with thanks to Joseph, who's template I stole):
TC.Projectplan:  Administrative Role: Editor
Editor: Kurt Cagle
September 28, 2001
Adminstrative Roles
I) Role 1: To Create, Maintain, and Edit All Formal Documentation Pertaining to the HumanML TC. Editor will:
 a) assure that documents shall be free of copyrights and any form of legal encumbrances
 b) assure that documents are in apppropriate and consistent formats (currently text, soon XML and XHTML).
 c) integrate materials coming into the TC by members and observers with the existing documentation
 d) annotate materials to reflect points of contention or versioning issues, and change documents to incorporate changes resulting from these, when approved by the TC.
II) Role 2: Define Norms and Standard Methodologies for Documentation Consistency. Editor will:
 a) guarantee that all documents submitted conform to relevant schemas.
 b) develop style documents for displaying documentation and retrieving relevant content.
 c) work with the Web Manager to insure documentation is properly linked and reachable.
 d) work with the R&D Manager to insure that applications and application documentation are consistent and conformant with standards over time.
 e) All submissions, revisions, and proposed changes shall conform with the Specifications set forward by the HumanMarkup Technical Committee
 f) Maintain versioning information to insure that the documentation is both current and can be audited.
IV) Role 4: To Provide Support and Outreach to Outside Communities. Editor will:
 a) Work with other TC Editors to insure that documentation standards are consistent with OASIS, W3C, IETF and other standards bodies, as appropriate.
 b) Make schemas and stylesheets available to other OASIS editors for their use as needed.

1) Move current documentation to XML format
2) Develop stylesheets and schemas for the display of such documents.
3) Create archive of discussion summaries for Phase 1 of HumanML development.
***More specific deliverables TBA***


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