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Subject: Re: [humanmarkup] TC Meeting Reminder and Notes

Rex Brooks wrote:

> This is also a heads up for Henrik and Manos, if you could post your 
> yahoo user names so that we can invite you into a yahoo IM conference 
> chat that can be logged simultaneously with the teleconference, we would 
> greatly appreciate it. That way we can include your input on the agenda 
> I will post to this list, along with another personal post to many of 
> you guys tomorrow in an effort to get a little boost in participation.

Participating via yahoo IM to a teleconference is not the ideal thing to 
do. We will have the ability to just give some input, but not to 
actually participate in the discussion. It's not the first time I 
protest against this frustrating policy... it's the reason I became a 
prospective member and probably the reason I will be forced to leave the 
TC eventually.

I still don't get why we cannot have a meeting over IRC, where we can 
combine the value of written speech and real time communication (and log 
  everything too).

I'm afraid that this meeting will not be as productive as our current 
requirements demand; although some parts of HumanML are proceeding, we 
are going through another tough period with low participation and list 
traffic, signs that interest is getting low and work (Other than yours 
Rex) is not getting done. I was wondering if this subject is in the 
agenda as well.

Kindest regards,


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