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Subject: Re: [humanmarkup] TC Meeting Reminder and Notes

Title: Re: [humanmarkup] TC Meeting Reminder and Notes

It is not our policy. It is OASIS policy. I'm just trying to do what I can to get you included without charges that I would not endure were the situation reversed. This is not something we want or approve. That is why we voted to conduct official business through the list, which allows any TC member to participate and vote as much as any email list can.

The problem with irc is that it excludes me personally about 50% of the time on some kind of aribitrary basis that I don't understand. I suspect that it is just traffic congestion on the net. Regardless, I just get a message that says Connection with irc.openprojects.net:6667/humanml closed. This happens both on my DSL connection through my Mac and on my cable model connection through my Win2K box. I know that this happens to other people, too, so it simply isn't reliable. Neither is Yahoo. If you prefer to conduct the simultaneous meeting on irc, the chances are that I won't be able to monitor it, but if someone copies and posts the log transcript of the session, that is fine with me. Please remember that no business is likely to be finished without a vote on the list and any decisions can be overturned by a vote on the list. One of the items on the agenda will be to ask if we ought to make it policy to approve decisions on the list before they are considered binding.

OASIS requires 2 things to use any kind of messaging or chat for TC meetings: reliable public access and the production of a public transcript. I have tried my best to get About.com, which has a chat service that allows that, or did in 1998 and 1999 when I last used it, to make that available to us. They have not returned my mail yet. I am still trying. OASIS has said that we can use chat if we run a verifiable test first and prove that it works. I will still look to see if there is another alternative. I am thinking about starting an open source java chat applet writing effort to write one that will work and I will host it on my website. Or we can host it on humanmarkup.org. Of course, as soon as we do that, you can bet OASIS will trump us with one of their own, but as long as it gets the problem solved, who cares?

I will put the low participation on the agenda. It is a concern for me, too. At least partially, I believe it is a seasonal phenomenon right now, but overall it has been a problem all along, and it is for many OASIS TCs and standards groups in general. I belong to a couple. I have started one. I generally respond to a lack of work by just continuing on the best I can and waiting for some controversy to stimulate others. However, since I have your attention right now, I would appreciate it if you could look at the HM.interoperability document I uploaded yesterday and start work on an expanded section of comments and best practice procedures for the RDF Schema listing.

Also, I hope you can put together a mission statement and proposal for an RDF Subcommittee to expand on your RDF Core document. Obviously, I am not asking for you to do this before the meeting, just sometime in the next two months, since, realistically, that's how long it will be before we can expect to get back in full gear after this annual solstice slow down.

Maybe we could become migratory and go south this time of year, like Southern Hemisphere South, eh? I'm ready for Tahiti right now! I also have Seasonal Affective Disorder, though I don't look upon it as a disorder, I look upon the season as a disorder. I vote we make spring eternal.


Rex Brooks wrote:
This is also a heads up for Henrik and Manos, if you could post your yahoo user names so that we can invite you into a yahoo IM conference chat that can be logged simultaneously with the teleconference, we would greatly appreciate it. That way we can include your input on the agenda I will post to this list, along with another personal post to many of you guys tomorrow in an effort to get a little boost in participation.

Participating via yahoo IM to a teleconference is not the ideal thing to do. We will have the ability to just give some input, but not to actually participate in the discussion. It's not the first time I protest against this frustrating policy... it's the reason I became a prospective member and probably the reason I will be forced to leave the TC eventually.

I still don't get why we cannot have a meeting over IRC, where we can combine the value of written speech and real time communication (and log  everything too).

I'm afraid that this meeting will not be as productive as our current requirements demand; although some parts of HumanML are proceeding, we are going through another tough period with low participation and list traffic, signs that interest is getting low and work (Other than yours Rex) is not getting done. I was wondering if this subject is in the agenda as well.

Kindest regards,


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