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humanmarkup message

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Subject: [humanmarkup] Fwd: [OASIS members] Press Release to Announce OASISBiometrics TC

Hi Sudhakar,

This is a rather timely announcement insofar as it allows me to
suggest that you would be a good candidate to join this new TC in
order to ensure that our Human Physical Characteristic Description
Markup Language is interoperable with the specification evolves out
of the biometric format TC. Also, by copying this to our TC list, I
also get to remind everyone that we have a monthly meeting tomorrow
at 12 EST.

>   ==========================
>   # OF LINES:              Total=19 Dialout=0 Meet Me=15 Meet Me Toll=4
>   Entry Method: Tone In
>   CALL DATE:         FEB-20-2002  (Wednesday)
>   CALL TIME:         12:00 PM EASTERN TIME
>   DURATION:              2 hr
>   USA Toll Free Number: 888-810-3949
>   USA Toll Number: +1-712-257-2360
>    PASSCODE: 21737
>    LEADER:            Mr Sandy Ressler
To Everyone,

If Sudhakar declines or is unable to join this group, it would
behoove us to have someone who is not already a member of another TC
or monitoring another TC to join or monitor the biometric format TC
for the purpose stated above.


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>Subject: [OASIS members] Press Release to Announce OASIS Biometrics TC
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>OASIS Members:
>The Consortium is in the process of drafting a press release to announce
>the new OASIS XML Common Biometric Format Technical Committee (XCBF TC).
>We have targeted 27 February for distribution.
>While OASIS deeply appreciates the contributions of all members to our
>technical work, we have a policy to list only Sponsor member companies
>in announcements directed to the press. The higher Sponsor member dues
>underwrite the cost of promotional activities such as press releases.
>All OASIS XCBF TC members--Sponsors, Contributors, and Individuals--will
>be listed in OASIS member communications and on the OASIS web site.
>If you represent a member company that would like to be included in the
>XCBF TC announcement, please send me approval to use your company name.
>If you would like to send a quote on behalf of your company in support
>of this new TC, please email that to me, including a name and title at
>your company to whom the quote can be attributed.
>If your company is not a Sponsor member, and you would like to be
>featured as a major participant in the OASIS XCBF TC press release,
>please contact Scott McGrath (scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org) for
>information on upgrading your membership to take advantage of this
>promotional benefit.
>If you are interested in joining the new OASIS XCBF TC, please notify
>the TC chair, Phil Griffin of Griffin Consulting
>(phil.griffin@asn-1.com). Sponsors should also notify me if they would
>like to be included in the press announcement.
>**Our absolute deadline for accepting Sponsor names/quotes for the press
>release is COB Monday, 25 Feb.**
>Carol Geyer
>Director of Communications
>Tel: +1 978.667.5115 x209
>OASIS      	http://www.oasis-open.org
>XML.ORG    	http://xml.org
>XML Cover Pages	http://xml.coverpages.org
>ebXML      	http://www.ebXML.org
>CGM Open   	http://www.cgmopen.org
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>manager: <http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl>

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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