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Subject: [humanmarkup] Chat Tomorrow,followed by vote? And Secondary Schemata/Subcommittee Issues

Hi Everyone,

This is the message I promised. I want to propose that we have a chat 
conference on Yahoo IM tomorrow from 8-10 pm EST.  If someone would 
like to state a preference for starting at 10 pm, I would certainly 
be pleased, but if I lived on the right coast, I wouldn't love it, so 
that's why I set it for 8-10, hoping we could perhaps settle on 9pm 
or 10pm, but regardless, I think we need to have a chat to make last 
corrections, substitutions, changes, etc, which I will use in a final 
working draft which we can then put up for a vote on the TC mailing 
list from Thursday to Saturday so that we can, hopefully, meet our 
target date Sunday, March 31, 2002 and move on to more interesting 

So much for that. I would also like to propose, for topics to be 
discussed at next month's meeting, that we combine Ranjeeth's 
Diplomatic Negotiations project into the HumanML_Write/Report 
Subcommittee  and rename both the Subcommittee and the Secondary 
Schemata to Conflict Resolution and Diplomatic Negotiations, and that 
we decide how we want to handle the requirements for these Secondary 

They can be separate documents or we can add them to the 
HM.requirements document as addenda, appendices, or sections. 
However, whatever we do should be consistent, and, to anticipate 
discussion, I don't think we need to alter our timetable for adopting 
the base HM.requirements document by our target date.

My reasoning behind combining the HumanML_Write/Report and Diplomatic 
Negotiations effort is that they both deal with issues related to 
conflict resolution or avoidance, even though I admit that 
HumanML_Write/Report can have applications beyond Conflict 
Resolution. I see it as being easier to combine the two efforts and 
that I think there is an inbuilt synergy there that can be combined 
into a single Secondary Schema. I have had my reservations about 
moving ahead with HumanML_Write/Report without having a schema in 
place to support it, but I think we can reverse engineer through this 
combination in a way that will tidy up and crisp up the corpus of our 

Please let me know what you think, especially in regard to a chat 
tomorrow. Let's put in the effort and get this puppy out the door, eh?


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