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Subject: Re: [humanmarkup] My Vote on HM.requirements

Although it was implied in our meeting Wednesday, I also wanted to vote for
approving our Requirements document.  This of course doesn't prevent us from
reviewing the document over the next six months, but I can say there is no
aspect of it which I in any way disagree with.

Non OASIS members can't formally vote, but can submit their approval to the
comments list.  As Rex mentioned, in the name of simplicity, we will assume
affirmative of TC members if there are no dissensions.

Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga

I second the vote in favor of adopting the HM.requirements doc as the
official formal Working draft.


Rex Brooks wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I thought I would make it official and say that I cast my vote "aye"
> in favor of adopting the document HM.requirements as the official
> formal Working Draft for the Requirements of the OASIS HumanMarkup
> Technical Committee for writing the Primary Base Human Markup
> Language XML Schema and Secondary Schemata.
> I encourage all voting members of the TC to cast their vote rather
> than allowing inaction to carry the decision. However, in any event,
> we will move on to our next tasks starting Sunday, March 31, 2002.
> Hoping everyone is well as we head into spring.
> Ciao,
> Rex
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