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Subject: [humanmarkup] HM.requirments.applications - Frist Working Draft

first update: 12April2002
Note: This document will focus attention on past Human Markup development efforts and the requirements for future HM application projects.

Status of Current Work
To date two small applications have been developed: HumanML_Write and HumanML_Reports. Both applications were
developed in Visual Basic version 6. All the source code has been published. Installable version have also been made available on the Human Markup.org website.
HumanML_Write was developed as a wordprocessor that would assist in the creation of well formed XML documents that would conform the very early schema prototypes developed in Stage 0 of Human Markup research.
HumanML_Report was designed to assist in the creation, annotation, and dissemination of several report types (e.g.. conference reports, performance review, document annotation.) Ideally, HumanML_Report was to produce basic real-time feedback on agreement/disagreement/partial agreement during presentations.
Currently development of these two applications has been put in stasis pending the outcome of current research being done by the Human Markup Technical Committee.
Applications as Showcase
The logic behind any development project revolving around Human Markup applications should consist of the following guidelines:
 - all applications should try to bring Human Markup to a wider audience
 - applications focusing on a specific target group should be developed with the input from the interested party through tools such as end user surveys
 - applications are to showcase Human Markup work and technologies
Applications as Open Source
All Human Markup applications should be free of any copyright. The source code should be made readily available to all of those interested.
Whatever platform chosen, an executable form with an un-installation option shall also be made available.
Application Compatibility
Attempts should be made to make to make the application platform neutral in order to for such work to be available to the widest possible audience.
Ideally, applications should be web-based and compatible with all browser types.
Application Coherence with Current Research
Considering the constantly changing nature of Human Markup research, efforts should be made to assure that existing applications conform to the various schemata.
Future Application Areas of Development
1) Word-processing programs to create documents that can be validated by the specific Secondary Human Markup Schemata
2) Collaborative programs for: report writing, negotiation processes, Diplomatic communications, etc.
3) Showcase programs for:
 a) Cross-Cultural Analysis of real-time communications
 b) Integration of Human Physical Characteristics Desc. ML into a 3D program

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