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Subject: Re: [humanmarkup] Notes on HM.Requirements.Applications

Title: Re: [humanmarkup] Notes on HM.Requirements.Application
Thanks, Joe.

I agree. I suspect that we may end up there, with lots of folks whacking away at this. I hope so. We need to prime the pump, and I think that HumanML_Write/Report still has potential. Maybe while Ranjeeth is in DC next week, he can shop these ideas around a bit. I know Susan would be interested. Others will be too when they begin to see how it can benefit them. That, I think, is the prime motivator--benefits. The challenge is getting it out in front of their eyes as that--a benefit, and that's something we can all put our noodles onto.


At 12:49 PM -0400 4/12/02, Joseph Norris wrote:
Hello Everyone,
This is the first stab at setting up the Human Markup requirements document for application work. Please take a look at it and suggest things that you believe should be added, changed, or removed.
I earnestly hope, as we garner more attention for the TC work,  that experienced developers could assist us in creating the various showcase applications that could help bring Human Markup to a wider audience. I have always believed that our work would be aided by a program people could tinker with. Ideally, a killer-app would be nice, but then again anything that would capture the attention of potential researchers, future users, and the like would be a great boon for HM.
Joseph Norris

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