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Subject: [humanmarkup] Diplomatic Communications User Survery - First Draft

Hello Everyone,

As we continue to refine our approach to Diplomatic Communication issues, perhaps it would be best now to focus on the end-user survey.
So here is the start of some initial questions that we should ask our friends in the diplomatic community. Besides the usual name, department, job description, etc. we should focus on questions that would aid our research specifically.
Here is the first stab with the "Diplomacy and Technology" section started. Perhaps we should start off with a more basic section that asks about diplomatic communication in general? I would hazard a guess that we could get more insight that way.
Any ideas?
Joe Norris
"An End-User Survey for Members of the Diplomatic Community"

Diplomacy and Technology

What are the current technological needs of diplomatic work in general?
How has technology enhanced diplomatic communication in the past?
How has technology failed in diplomatic work in the past?
Explore how you believe communications can be enhanced over the Internet.


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