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Subject: [humanmarkup] Our Next Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Here is the info for our next telecon, July 17, 2002 12:00 p.m.

This is also a heads-up that I will be more persistent (as in 
DNN-DamnNaggingNuisance) because we have some business to attend to, 
namely getting the semiotic application experiment started, and I 
will be having a report from Web Services, and with some luck I'll 
get someone to report on the recent spate of work, and controversy in 
Topic Maps--the two biggies for us in terms of finding resources for 
HumanML to use and delivering HumanML enhanced services--which is 
likely to be ALL web services that involve individual human end 
users--so we need to get on top of those issues before we get 
overwhelmed by them.

It is difficult to handle both very intriguing theoretical issues at 
the same time as nailing down everyday pragmatic working issues, but 
we have to do both.

Have a nice weekend.



  # OF LINES:              Total=16 Dialout=0 Meet Me=12 Meet Me Toll=4
  Entry Method: Tone In
  CALL DATE:         JUL-17-2002  (Wednesday)
  CALL TIME:         12:00 PM EASTERN TIME
  DURATION:              2 hr
  USA Toll Free Number: 888-576-9014
  USA Toll Number: +1-773-756-0201
   PASSCODE: 22235
   LEADER:            Mr Sandy Ressler

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