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Subject: Re: [humanmarkup] VR: 3DMeNow

Same old problem as Flash and Real Player. It only works with its own 
proprietary player, which means it won't operate for websites 
equipped with the ISO standard and it only supports IE, so it is 
limited by its own choices. Of course, it is available now, but... 
after all the hassle of changing browsers, downloading the player and 
waiting forever for it to work, what? "Testing. Testing, one, two, 
three, welcome to biovirtual on the web." with the head turning 
slightly the eyebrows lifting and the eyes blinking while the 
lip-synching worked fine.

No offense, this is very much what I would produce for a talking head 
chat, but the emotions need to be there, and the interface would be 
much simpler. I looked at it and could not find a reason why I would 
want to figure out how to work it to drive my own image over the web. 
With the chat applet I plan, there would be no downloading or 
installing, you would have an automatically loaded player and a 
standard set of faces from which to choose unless you happen to have 
your own, or wish to purchase one, which would be the only place that 
a first time user would ever get a money pitch from the vendor, and 
even then, since you would be getting a reuseable representation of 
your head which could be added to a bodily representation later and 
would work in any ISO standardized 3D environment, you would be 
getting real value instead of an invitation to continue sending money 
to one vendor.

And, I expect they will use HumanML when they understand it gives 
them a standardized set of emotions and gestures.

Anyway, it does point out that we are certainly not alone in seeing 
the value of adding the personal human touch to computing.


At 10:56 PM -0400 9/16/02, Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga wrote:
>I posted this during our Phase 0 discussion, and I'm sure you guys from
>the VR perspective are already familiar with it, but I just wanted to
>post an updated link because I think the software is real interesting.
>Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
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Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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