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humanmarkup message

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Subject: [humanmarkup] Base Schema - Proxemic

Hi Folks,

Here we go again. This one should be given some focused thought about 
it in relation to several recently examined elements.


This is a ComplexType with the abstract attribute. It does not 
reference other elements, but I think we should consider changing 
from: Not used by other elements; to used by other elements; IF we 
decide to make a couple of other changes I am going to introduce. 
This element belongs to the attribute group humlIdentifierAtts.

I also want to point out that this discussion and commentary 
represents to some extent how our personal and collective thinking 
can change over time as more information is taken into account. In 
this case, we have had several discussions around the issues of 
locators which directly bear on how this element may need to be used 
by other elements. This is not the best of all possible worlds, but 
it does seem to more accurately describe the one in which we live. A 
little more than a year ago, I had proxemic grouped with the 
etymologically related elements of kinesic, cosmetic, haptic, because 
that made linguistic sense then in the absence of the research and 
discussion we have had since.

First, let's look at the description/definition []=my additions: 
Proxemic: Human Space/Time Relationships. Use of both time and space 
as well as relative body positions given some organization of the 
features of the space in which communication occurs. [This is 
considered] In [terms of] physical distance or closeness maintained 
between individuals, as affecting messsageTypes such as body heat 
they give off, odors perceived in social situations, angles of vision 
they maintain while talking [conversing]. [This includes] Notions of: 
fixed feature space (unmovable boundaries, eg. divisions within an 
office building)[;] semi-fixed feature space, such as furniture[;] 
informal space including intimate distance (eg, American culture is 
6-18 inches)[;]  personal distance (eg, American culture is 1.5-4 
feet)[;] [and] social distance (eg, American culture is 4-12 feet)[.] 
We may want to divide up proximity as affecting communications and 
feature space into separate modules.

In light of the discussions we have had around locators, whereby I 
think we are likely to create related elements of bodyLocation (site 
within/on body), geo-temporalLocator (local coordinates relative to 
recognized standards like City, State,  Country, Lattitude/Longitude, 
GPS, and universal date/time standards, etc) and locator (site 
within/on physical object), I think we will likely to settle on a 
very basic definition for proxemic as relative distance of semiote 
to: physical objects which are locally-defined and located objects in 
the immediate physical environment (eg, limits of perceptional 
distance or what a semiote can sense); other semiotes located in 
physical environment; and, other semiotes currently engaged in 
communication interaction (eg, online, snail mail, IM).

I think this is another case where the enumeration of distinctions or 
types needs to be done in a Secondary Base Schema. That would include 
personal, social and intimate distance perceptions.

I think we need to think about which elements should be changed so 
that their mutually modifying use is likely, in this case locators 
and proxemic will use each other, and proxemic will be used by 
culture, kinesic and emotion. Prxoemic will also play a role in 
another new element I think we should consider: perception, which I 
think we need in the Primary Base Schema along with culture, emotion, 
and proxemic because, as we get to the element signal, such things as 
body heat and odor, mentined here, which depend to some extent on 
proxemic, will need to be included.

Here is a double heads-up.

One--it is another hot day here, but maybe not as bad as recently. 
However the chances are good I will have to shut down again this 
afternoon, so if you don't see replies from me later, that will be 
the reason, not that I am ignoring anyone.

Two, I have another message which, while related, does not properly 
belong in this thread.

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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